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This site is currently under construction.  Look at some of the changes (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) we have made so far! Please check in often as new pages and links will be added daily.

"If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God,
then we will be a Nation gone under."
— Ronald Reagan

Do not forget our troops!  Armed Forces Tribute is one way to help your family remember our military members in their prayers daily.  Cell for Soldiers is a wonderful way YOUR family may show your support for our troops!  The goal of this noble attempt is to help our soldiers serving in Iraq and elsewhere pay for calls home. The plan is to provide as many soldiers as possible with pre-paid cell phones or calling cards.  Be sure to send your "thank you" to the military and be a good example to your children!

At the United Nations, saluting our troops is called jingoism.
Where I'm from, it's called gratitude.
— Michelle Malkin

New Pages ... Pinckney-Shortt Southern Baptist Convention Resolution ... A call for education and action !  (This is currently under heavy construction!)

George Grant Read the transcript from our interview with Dr Grant.

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Most people know PrestonSpeed Publications brought the classic writings of G.A. Henty back into print.  Entire families are once again enjoying Mr. Henty's work in books, audiobooks, and in The Captain.  Demand the best by demanding PrestonSpeed Publications.  Accept no substitutes!!