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Wars / Conflicts
Lest We Forget !
Table of Contents

War of Independence

War of 1812

Mexican American Wars

War Between
the States

Spanish American

World War I

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam Conflict

Persian Gulf War

Operation Iraqi Freedom




War of Independence (1775 to 1784)
Soldiers: 290,000
Killed in Action:  4,000

Text and Archives A lot of interesting reading can be had here!

More Historical Text Archives from Mississippi State University

Battle of Fort Griswold Learn about Connecticut's privateers that gave the Redcoats a headache!

Battle of Shallow Ford Learn about how a few colonials beat off a party of Tories and Redcoats numbering between 400-900! There is even an account of the battle by the wife of one of the militia men!

Fort Ticonderoga Learn about our 1st victory in the War of Independence. Another Fort Ticonderoga web site


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War of 1812-1815
(aka as the Second War of Independence)
Soldiers: 287,000
Killed in Action:  2,000

Historical Text Archives from Mississippi State University --- fascinating reading here!

Fort George Unofficial web site --- More historical information can be gleaned from the other sites, but this is fun. However, you can learn the structural history and background history of Fort George, battles, the people involved, and 19th century medicine, hair styles, theory of fortification, tactics, weapons, regimental structure, life, religion, clothing (civilian & military) etc.

War of 1812-1814 Introduction to the War of 1812, learn about the Redcoat & Bluecoat soldier, weapons, United Empire of Loyalists, The Creek War, battles of the war, women during the war, standing interrogatories, Treaty of Ghent, Hartford Convention, re-enactor groups, War of 1812 video and this site even has a test your knowledge of the War of 1812.

War of 1812 Major battles of the war. A well done site --- children friendly! Some specifics include: the US declares War, Hull invades Canada, Essex defeats Alert. Constitution defeats Guerriere, battle of Queenstown, USS United States versus HMS Macedonia, battle of Raisin River, Hornet versus Peacock, York captured, Fort Meigs withstands siege, Sacketts Harbor attacked, Fort George captured, USS Chesapeake versus HMS Shannon, USS President defeats British vessels, Fort Stephenson defended, Creeks attack Fort Sims, USS Enterprise versus HMS Boxer, and many more specifics right up to the Battle of New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent.

Second war with England A short essay followed by Treaty of Ghent Ends the War another short essay



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Mexican American Wars (1846-1848)
Soldiers: 106,000
Killed in Action:  1,000

Merchant Marine in the Mexican-American War The Mexican War was the first war in which the U.S. Army invaded an enemy's territory by sea, and thus required the use of a large number of oceangoing vessels. The American Merchant Marine provided chartered ships in order to defend Texas against Mexico.

Wars: Mexican American Wars Gives a brief overview of this war

Mexican American War Memorial Home Page Offers a review and analysis of the war in Spanish or American for your reading pleasure. The site provides a war chronicle, the dynamics of confrontation, documents & testimonies and more

The Mexican-American War This explains the causes that leads up to the war as well as the significant results of the war

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo the treaty that ended the war on February 2, 1848


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War Between the States (1861-1865)
Union Soldiers: 2,213,000
Killed in Action:  364,000
Confederate Soldiers:  1,000,000
Killed in Action:  133,821

The Confederate Network Very comprehensive. Historical resources are truly remarkable. Tons of links, archives & databases. Info on battles/units, Confederate & Union documents (political & personal), genealogy, leaders, heritage links, organizations, education, reenacting groups, music, battle flags, and more!

War Between the States Similar to "The Confederate Network", but not as extensive

Stonewall Jackson's Museum Learn about the weapons, uniforms, and more

Museum of the Confederacy Collection of military, political and domestic artifacts and art associated with the period of the Confederacy, 1861-1865

National Museum of Civil War Medicine Fascinating site! (even though many would disagree with their name --- e.g., the USA did not have a civil war)

U.S.S. Constellation Climb aboard the last surviving ship of the War Between the States. A VERY dramatic and FUN site!


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Spanish American War (1898-1902)
Soldiers: 392,000
Killed in Action:  11,000

Spanish American War Chronology Good timeline that helps put things in perspective. Be sure to visit the other parts of this site even though it is still under construction, there are a lot of good things here --- Spanish American War Centennial Web Site

Spanish American War by the Department of the Navy

U.S. Battleship Maine Centennial Commission 1898 to 1998 Key West Florida Explore the still unsolved mystery surrounding the sinking the U.S. Battleship Maine


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World War I (USA involvement: 1917-1918)
Soldiers: 4,744,000
Killed in Action:  116,000

WWI Document Archives Extensive site even includes WWI music links!

The Great War 1914-1918 Offers an abbreviated account of what lead up to WWI, a timeline of WWI major events, a booklist, extensive links regarding the Great War, and much more. This site is dedicated to those fighting in the war from Ireland.

WWI Aeroplanes This site offers an extensive listing to chose from to learn about the aeroplanes of WWI. This site is well worth many, many visits

WWI Homepage This is probably the most extensive WWI site on the internet ... this is an incredible MUST SEE site if you care to learn about WWI



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World War II (USA Involvement: 1941-1945)
Soldiers: 16,535,000
Killed in Action:  406,000

WWII on the Web Again, this is probably the most extensive WWII site on the internet ... another MUST SEE

World War II Commemoration Includes story of WWII, biographies, air combat films, photographs, WWII history test, and more

World War II and Japan Offers historical text archives -- extensive site

Pearl Harbor from the Commander at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii

American Fighter Pilot Aces of World War Two  It features brief biographies & stories of the high scoring American fighter pilots of the Second World War. USAAF, USMC and USN aces of Europe & the Pacific included with summary tables at the start of each section (pilot, kills, medal, unit, plane flown). Not many graphics, mostly text. From Stephen Sherman.


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Korean War (USA Involvement: 1950-1955)
Soldiers: 6,807,000
Killed in Action:  55,000

Korean War Documents Get the historical perspective from documents

President Harry S Truman's Office Files 1945-1953 from University Publications of America

Korean War Includes weapons, history and a bibliography


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Vietnam Conflict (USA Involvement: 1964-1975)
Soldiers: 9,200,000
Killed in Action:  58,148

Vietnam Veteran's Homepage Includes tributes to Vietnam veterans by family/friends, a cyber visit to Vietnam, remberance, and more

Vietnam War History Page This site says it gives a history of the war from all perspectives so a note of caution is necessary here

Vietnam Prisoner-of-War and Missing-in-Action Database from the Federal Research Division


It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.
--- General Douglas MacArthur


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Persian Gulf War (1990)
Soldiers: 3,800,000
Killed in Action:  9,000

Desert Storm Includes chronology of the war, maps, nations involved, image gallery, soldier casualties/POWs/MIAs, land/air/sea machines, and more! Very comprehensive.



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Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)
Killed in Action:  



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